It brought tears to my eyes

I live on the Willimantic River. It is a beautiful river. I love to watch it changing with the seasons. It has brought me comfort and laughter both. Today I went to the unveiling of a Land  Art Generator Initiative project called Rio-Iluminado was designed by Lindsay Suter, architect and Gar Waterman, sculptor. The two work out of New Haven at Pirie Associated Architects. Their design was  amazing.

Rio-Iluminado winter arch.jpg

The design honors the grace of world we live in, The changing seasons, the community I love as well as the human desire to leave a mark, to give, to respect.

I admit I was leery. It touches on my back yard. Who wants more man made chaos in nature? Not me. Yet when I left this gathering announcing the winter of the competition,  I was moved to tears and inspired to poetry and creativity.

I don't want to go into the who and how of this came about. I am not qualified to speak to that.  My only involvement has been watching the river flow by. I will say a big thank you to all the people who worked toward this. It speaks worlds of the generosity, kindness and grace of the people of Willimantic.