Is this what Freedom means?

"Sewing machine, sewing machine, Is this what Freedom means?"

Thus starts a song long time friends taught me around the folk circle. For me a sewing machine means creativity. It means I can make a living with my hands. A sewing machine means I can teach and repair and make my own.

Do you sew? Do you think you would like to learn. I do love to pass the skills along. Get in touch if you live it town. We can work something out.

There is always something good on the table

There is always something good on the table

Renewing the Website

Technology is on my heels and catching up. As you can see I am recreating the website. Hopefully I'll be done in a week and I can get back to sewing. The holidays are fast upon us, so I will do my best to stay on task.

Meanwhile let me tell you that I am currently working on a Santa Suit from the Victorian era, Casket linings, Bags for Swift Waters Artisans' Cooperative, and some mending. Other than that its done to the bare essentials: Mark, our granddaughter who makes it all worhtwhile, friends, tai chi, cooking, cleaning and stacking wood .

Thanks for checking in.