It brought tears to my eyes

I live on the Willimantic River. It is a beautiful river. I love to watch it changing with the seasons. It has brought me comfort and laughter both. Today I went to the unveiling of a Land  Art Generator Initiative project called Rio-Iluminado was designed by Lindsay Suter, architect and Gar Waterman, sculptor. The two work out of New Haven at Pirie Associated Architects. Their design was  amazing.

Rio-Iluminado winter arch.jpg

The design honors the grace of world we live in, The changing seasons, the community I love as well as the human desire to leave a mark, to give, to respect.

I admit I was leery. It touches on my back yard. Who wants more man made chaos in nature? Not me. Yet when I left this gathering announcing the winter of the competition,  I was moved to tears and inspired to poetry and creativity.

I don't want to go into the who and how of this came about. I am not qualified to speak to that.  My only involvement has been watching the river flow by. I will say a big thank you to all the people who worked toward this. It speaks worlds of the generosity, kindness and grace of the people of Willimantic. 

Winter Holidays and friendship

Tis the season and I have been busy sewing. One concept that is impossible to ignore in my business: the customer comes first! I agree this is how it should be, and do my best to meet the expectation.  BUT right behind shoppers are family and friends, If you are in this category, you are on my mind. I just finished a gift for my granddaughter. I can't wait to give it to her.'s a secret.

I have one dear friend, Dawn, who gave me a solstice gift early. She repainted my store sign. I love the way it looks in the snow. We had painted it just black on white in the past. The blue really makes it special.

Most of you will only see this sign on this blog. I work out of my house, but sell on line or at Swift Waters Artisans on Main Street in Willimantic. This sign makes me so happy though, I may have to have a house party, just so you can see it in person.

Enjoy the season.