I consider myself part of a world of textile workers. I hold the history of my profession in mind when I sew. I never forget that there are people in the world working the same trade as me, and yet they are undervalued and often enslaved. I believe that it doesn't have to be that way.

I believe a person in the United States can manufacture at a boutique level and provide the American consumer with reasonably priced, quality goods. I strive to produce a product that provides satisfaction and balance for both you and me. Let no human being be undervalued.

Our Story

We live, love and work in eastern Connecticut. My goal is to run an ecologically friendly business that promotes a sustainable economy.

I am "chief" pattern maker, dressmaker, dyer and stitcher in this business. My name is on the label and I stand behind what I make. 100%

If you live near Willimantic Connecticut please consider stopping by to make your purchase. Email to arrange a visit.

Hemp has been my fabric of choice for many reasons.
-Hemp fiber dyes beautifully to produce strong and vibrant colors.
-It is naturally blight resistant and requires little or no pesticide use
-The plant is ideally suited for the US climate. It's fast growing with long tap roots which help prevent soil run off.


My mother taught me to sew when I was in first and second grade. She hated it and still left me with a passion. I hope to give my granddaughter such a lovely gift.

Love you Mom!

Love you Mom!