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One size fits all?

I added a new detail to the skirts I make. It asks something of the customer, but I think it is well worth it.What is it? An easy opportunity  to alter your own skirt waistband.

These skirts are the best! Length down to your calves, functional pockets, flowing 100% hemp that softens with washing. They are fitted with an elastic waist band.

If you have ever sewn, or still sew, then you know the elastic is slipped in with a safety pin after the band is sewn on. Perhaps you have had the experience of tired elastic, sagging and stretched, or just too tight or too loose.

What I do with Clothorks Hemp skirts is close the last few stitches on the band with hand stitches. What this means for the wearer, is that you can easily find the hand stitching, open it up and adjust the elastic to your needs.

Look for them at the Coventry Regional Farmers Market. Soon I’ll make them available on line as well!