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Spring….I beg of you….

Searching for Spring

Last post I had hoped that by making another window covering I would jinx away the cold days. No such luck. Sitting at the machine I was dreaming of warmth every moment.

In forcing Spring’s hand, I was unsuccessful. My fingers weren’t nimble enough and I was weary. I did make another covering, and we feel good about the added insulation. This one is much like the second one (see previous post). I wanted to refine the corner construction of the window covering. But I find the 3-D corner concept confusing. I think it is the muddling of the brain that comes with long cold winters.

None the less, one more window is covered and as winter has not yet released her grip, it’s a good thing.

The light still shines!

The thing I love about these window coverings is how the light still shines through. You can see from this picture how the two windows compare. Not too bad. We can stand at this window and still look down the street.

Two more windows to go on this side of the house.


We’re Getting Warmer…

As promised, I made the second prototype for the window covering. We like it alot.

I thought the main change would be a square corner. The first one was pretty sloppy. As it turned out, I did make a square corner, but that wasn’t what thrilled me most about this second round of trial.

It’s the window in the curtain!

Two Layers of vinyl add clear sight lines

I can’t believe I stumbled on this idea. The main objection I have heard about window coverings is the loss of visibility. Well, this solves that problem nicely for us.

Unzipping the Shade

Half Way Open

This entire shade was a miracle in away. I didn’t even think of where the vinyl would naturally fold when I was making it. I was mainly concerned that the view be at eye level when we were standing. As it turns out, the vinyl is positioned perfectly for folding the shade out of the way

All ready for the next cold wave!

Next week I’ll cover another window and try to make a few more improvements in the design. So far, for our humble life style, we’re feeling pretty darn good about it. Warmth and visibility.

Zip in the Warmth!

Cozy Window

We have suddenly gotten a lot warmer at home.

As many of you know, I received a grant to develop an insulation system for sliding glass doors, a.k.a. patio doors. The grant was to develop the product and then to organize a cooperative business that manufacture the coverings.

I am still working through the details of the design. By which I mean, LUCKY US! Our home is rich in windows. And now we are noticably warmer and our wallets are fatter, thanks to these prototype window coverings I’ve been making. This is the first prototype I made.

Mark Opens the Window Covering for the Day

D-rings and Tenterhooks hold the window covering Open

Fully Open

I came to some aesthetic challenges with this covering. You can see how I am still working out the details of attaching the shade to the window. Stay tuned, next issue I’ll post the second revised version.

In the meanwhile I can tell you that we LOVE these. We live on the second floor and  keep our entire house at 65 degrees. For us, upstairs, that translates to 62 degrees. Since we started covering the windows we dropped the thermostat 2 degrees and still maintain the same temperature as before the window covering.