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You can find wool Newsboy caps at the Willimantic Food Coop holiday table. 

A New Hat for a New Day

Well, Winter has arrived!  We’ve been making hats! Heavy, beautiful wools. Tattersalls, Herringbones, Hounds Tooth, Harris Tweed. There are a batch of new wools in the shop and they make great hats.

This summer we began to underline the hat with flannel. Between the outer wool and the bengaline cotton/rayon lining is a hidden layer of flannel or 100% hemp muslin. What this means for you is that the crown of the hat has more body. It’s a little warmer and it holds its shape better.

80% cotton/20% rayon lining adds body and a touch of surprise to a traditional hat of the British Isles.

This hat is sized in inches. On the inner hat band you’ll find a number written in indelible marker. 23.5″ perhaps. That is the length of the band itself and should more or less equal the circumference of your head.

If you wear hats, you probably know how unusual it is to have a hat sized specifically to your head. We see lots of adjustable straps. Here’s your chance to have a hat that actually fits your head. It’s a great feeling.

Look for these hats at the Willimantic Food Co-op Holiday Table. 91 Meadow St.

Hats are so personal. If you are buying a hat as a gift, and it’s a surprise, you can contact me later for the correct size.

New Hat, New man. Mark's ready for anything in his new hat.

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