Monthly Archives: October 2010

New Beginnings….Clothworks reshapes itself.

We are embarking on a new project!  Clothworks is now selling on-line in a Sarah Winter Clothworks store.  As you are looking for our hand made Hemp goods you will find you have 3 ways to shop.

Open for Business Dot Drobney Photo

For our One of a Kind items we’ll direct you to our Etsy Store where you can buy with paypal. If it’s on Etsy, it is already made and we can ship it right out to you.  Or perhaps you’ll stop by the house, or we’ll bump into you on Main street and complete the delivery!

For “Classic Clothworks” stuff we’ll direct you to our on-line shopping cart. As soon as you place your order we will begin production. Generally this takes two weeks for your order to come to the top of the queue and be dyed and sewn. We will put our usual attention to the details of your order. You will still have the option of specifying sleeve size, pocket placement and other details that you care about. “Classic Clothworks” are things like “the Murph,” Sweatshirts and satchels.

Finally, we still take custom orders. For these you will need to email or call us or drop by. We’ll talk your needs over , make a quick sketch and take it from there. We are adding soft sided instrument cases to our usual repetoire. These we will handle as a custom order. Odd shaped bags and boxes which hold things other than instruments would fall into this same category.

It’s been a fast ten months since Clothworks closed its store front.  We are delighted to reshape ourselves into a form that works for all of us. Sustainable means just that and we hope this shape will sustain us all. Hurray for Hemp, Hurray for Local Economy, Hurray for you and me!